Bobcat Tales – Flee

Have you ever tried to bathe a bobcat? If not, I would HIGHLY recommend you not try it! See, I learned from experience that this is not a good idea. I remember one time in my teens my parents decided our pet bobcat needed a bath…in the bathtub! So my dad and I quickly gathered up the bobcat and went into the bathroom shutting the door behind us.

The bobcat went into the tub with no problem. Of course then we turned the water on and all of our best laid plans went out the window. For the bobcat it quickly turned into a fight for survival. She was having none of this bath stuff and away she went. The harder we tried to keep her in the tub the more she began tearing into our arms. As she repeatedly scratched at us, she eventually made it out of the tub and started climbing the walls.

Finally in resignation my Dad decided, wisely, that this wouldn’t work and we let her run free.

The bobcat knew how to flee when she was in perceived danger.

I wish I knew how to do the same thing.

I love the story of Joseph. In Genesis 39 we find the story of Joseph. Joseph had been abused roughly by his brothers and sold into slavery. Eventually God moved him into a position of authority. Then Potipher’s wife decided she wanted a little one on one time with Joseph. However Joseph resisted her charms. Finally one day she grabbed a hold of him and begged him to spend some alone time with her. Joseph, not unlike my bobcat, fled when he perceived the danger!

There are times in my life when I do this. I run like the wind when temptation, any temptation hits. Unfortunately, there are times where I linger and see what might develop. Bad news. Nothing ever good comes from flirting with temptation. I recognize my need to flee. Does this ever happen to you?

If so I encourage you to practice fleeing like a bobcat getting ready to be dunked, the next time a temptation to sin hits.

Just A Thought

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