The Cross

My wife Sarah wrote this for an upcoming prayer service:

The Cross 

More than the place that mends our brokenness,
or a bridge to reach God's holiness,
the cross is death to sin-soaked flesh
and life that lasts, brand-new and fresh.

No more addiction, no more shame;
no more bondage, no more chains.
Christ has taken all the blame,
covered us and made us clean.

More than a place to lay our past,
our dreams, our hopes, our circumstance,
the cross is where we learn to stand
in triumph over sin's demands.

The power of God is free for us,
won with thorns and drops of blood.
Redeeming Love and Salvation,
release us from all condemnation.

The resurrection of our King
means hope and joy and strength and peace.
Now at the cross we die to live,
transformed by Him who conquered sin!

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