Confessions of a Kid at Heart

I am a kid at heart.  Growing up I loved to read comic books, play with toys and collect baseball cards.  I have a confession to make.  I still collect baseball cards...and read comic books...but you won't catch me playing with toys...when anyone is around!

I look back on my childhood with fond memories.  Sure, like any family we had our problems, but I always had a warm meal, a loving family and plenty of friends and things to play with.  We were not rich by any means.  My dad lost his job when I was a teen and we went through some very hard times, eventually ending up homeless.

Having experienced life on both sides of the economic coin, my heart breaks for those caught in a life of poverty, hunger and need.

Which is why being a Compassion sponsor is so important to me.  My wife and I have sponsored children with compassion since  2001.  After our first child graduated the program and our second moved to a new region, we are now sponsoring our third child.  A little boy from  Brazil a little older than my son CJ, who is 4. 

We love getting the letters from our sponsored child and reading not only of his growing knowledge of the Lord but how much he loves the things a kid should love.  Through his letters we have found that he loves soccer and playing with cars. A typical child in an economically depressed area of Brazil.

I know that being a Compassion sponsor helps the child and his family.  However, I have also found it helps our family as well.  It reminds us that we are called to show Christ's love to the nations.  We can't all travel overseas but we can make a difference in our own communities and via organizations like Compassion, communities and families around the world.

I invite you to remember what it means to be a child at heart and to sponsor a child today: Compassion Sponsorship.

Feel free to share your own Confessions of a Kid at heart in the comment section.


Hannah H. said...

Wow... I loved hearing some of your story. How beautiful that God is using your past to help you reach out to this little guy in Brazil!

RDA said...

God is good and nothing happens by coincidence!