Culture Shock


Sexuality. Homosexuality. The Environment. Abortion. Politics.

These are the issues Chip Ingram tackles head on in his new book Culture Shock.  Seeking to bring the light of Jesus Christ to these issues as opposed to the heat of emotions, Ingram does not shy away from truth.

Absoulte Truth.

Every issue that Ingram tackles is looked at from both the pro and con viewpoint.  He then looks at what the Word of God has to say. When the absolute truth of God's Word is applied, what we see is a wonderful balance of truth and love.

This book may make some uncomfortable and I am sure not everyone will agree with his conclusions.  Sadly, we live in a day and age where reasonable, heartfelt and thoughtful conversations on these and other issues are not always done in a way that makes either side of the issue look good.

Ingram challenges the reader to stand for righteousness while still showing the love of Jesus Christ. In a day when words like intolerance, hate and compromise seem more the norm, it is refreshing to see a call to a proper Biblical response.

Do yourself a favor and pick this one up.

This book was provided for review by Graf-Martin Communications and Baker Books. 

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