The Art of Storytelling

I love to tell a story.  Sadly, I have not always told a story well.  It took me many years to learn that there is an art to telling a good story.  I wish I had come across The Art of Storytelling by John Walsh ages ago.  This is a book that encapsulates all of the lessons I learned and many more that I never knew until now.

Walsh breaks down the art of storytelling into three sections.  The first section is on crafting a captivating story.  Here you will find everything from planning your first words and researching the facts to adding description and eliminating needless details.  I found a lot of useful information in this section of the book.

The second section is on the tools for telling a captivating story.  This area deals with facial expressions and body language.  I have always struggled with what to do with my hands when talking and this section covers it.

The final section is on BibleTelling.  This is great for anyone who wants to capture an audience of any age with the wonderful stories found in the Bible.  In fact, I finished this book as I was preparing to tell the story of David and Goliath.  After applying a few of the principles found in this book I received numerous complements on how I presented this passage of Scripture.

You don't have to be a pastor or even a public speaker to  benefit from this book.  You can use it to enhance how you tell stories to your kids or grand kids.  Students would also find great use for this book.  Do yourself a favor and learn from John Walsh The Art of Storytelling.

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