Am I Ashamed of Jesus?

Apparently I am ashamed of Jesus.

I don't truly love Him.

I have worked in and out of ministry for 22 years and been a Christian for 29 years.  I have been a pastor, missionary and counselor. Throughout the week I share Jesus with those I meet via my job in ministry. I spend time sharing with others and trying to point them to the Savior.

However, nearly every week I am told on Facebook that if I do not forward the latest "Christian" post spam, then I am ashamed of Him and that He would deny me before God because I had denied Him before men!

How did this happen? How did Scriptures like Mark 8:38, where Jesus had been talking about taking up our cross and following Him, get misappropriated to mean if we did not forward Facebook posts we were dishonoring God? Why is Matthew 10:33 flying around on my Facebook telling me to forward various of nonsensical stuff to everyone on my list? Why am I being browbeaten by Luke 9:26 and told that I don't love God enough if I don't forward these posts to all my friends?


You can call this a rant. It's ok.

I find myself disturbed by this misuse of Scripture.

The Bible is God's Word. According to 2nd Timothy 3:16, "Every Scripture passage is inspired by God. All of them are useful for teaching, pointing out errors, correcting people, and training them for a life that has God's approval."

Now I believe the internet can be used as powerful tools in sharing God's Word. To teach, encourage, correct and train people in the the Word. However when we manipulate Scripture to encourage people to send cutesy (or spiritually manipulative) posts around the world we do a major disservice to the body of Christ!

It's sad really.  The internet can be used to share your testimony, encourage the body of Christ and to be a true witness but when I read a misuse of Scripture I immediately delete the posts from my page. So before sending the next forward of the latest Christian Chain Image stop and look at the Scripture you are sending. Is it applicable, appropriate and used in a way that will glorify God? If it is then by all means send it. If it only furthers the "blessings and cursing" of a chain letter with a bit of Scripture added, do everyone a favor and hit delete.

(This post originally appeared back in 2009 and was geared more towards emails I was receiving at the time.  I have now updated and adapted it for Facebook.)

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