God of the Impossible

My 3-year old was asked recently how high he could count.   He then proceeded to work through the numbers 1 through 13.  His next words were, “Hey, I almost made it to 14!” He then proceeded to finish counting all the way to 20.

Have you ever been in that place where it feels you can only go so far and no further? Maybe you have felt like giving up or that you have done all you can.  It can be discouraging and some people feel like quitting all together.

I’ve felt that way before.  I remember when it felt like the whole world was against me and I could do nothing right.  I had reached the end of the line emotionally and was ready to call it a life.  In fact, I remember distinctly looking for a tree to run my car into.  It just felt like I could go no further.  Only God kept me from ending my life that day.

Like my son, who was surprised that he “almost made it to 14,” and was then able to continue counting, I was also surprised when God not only saved my life that day, but He used that event to draw me closer to Him.  Just when life seemed no longer worth living, God showed me that He is the God of the impossible.

I discovered that my identity is in Christ (Galatians 2:20) and not in what others say about me or even what I say about myself.  As I studied His Word and talked with a Biblical Counselor, I saw God do something I thought impossible. He worked a miracle in my life and in my marriage eleven years ago, so I encourage you not to limit God.  Put your trust in Him and watch Him do the impossible! 

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