What Does Grace Look Like? - Just A Thought #55

When I look for an example of grace in the Bible, I invariably go to the parable of the prodigal son as found in Luke 15:11-32.  You probably recall the story.  Kid asks for his inheritance, leaves and parties hard, blowing his money and life in wild living.  He eventually runs through his funds and a famine hits.  He takes the lowest of jobs and is so hungry he decides to go home and throw himself at his dad's feet and beg for any work he has to offer.  His dad, seeing him coming, runs out to meet him with open arms and celebrates his lost son's return.

Grace: Unmerited Favor.

I prefer a different definition.

Grace: Unconditional Love.

 In this story, I see the unconditional love of a father.  Dad could have turned his back and turned his son back out to the streets.  He would have been justified.  Yet love won out.  His son turned from his past and returned to his Dad, who was ready to receive him.  Unconditionally.

He not only welcomed him back; he threw a party.  His other son got jealous and self-righteous.  Dad wasn't having any of it.  He had love enough for everyone but never shied away from speaking truth.  He pointed out to his older son that this party was needed.  The lost was now found. 

Unconditional love.

Do we set aside our pride and "right to justice", to love our friends, family, neighbors and enemies unconditionally?  God loved us enough to send His Son; Jesus loved us enough to die; can we love the people around us without reservation?

Grace - Unmerited favor; unconditional love; radical Christianity.

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