Miraculous Movements: A Book Review

Miraculous Movements by Jerry Trousdale is really two books in one. What drew me to this book was the tag line. I couldn't resist a book that says on the cover, "How hundred of thousands of Muslims are falling in love with Jesus."

Jerry Trousdale does share numerous stories of how Muslims are finding Christ all over Africa. Sometimes the change happens when a Muslim hears the story of Jesus face to face, sometimes the journey to Christ begins with a dream. The end result is the same, an encounter with the Living God. I would have been tickled if the book had ended there. However, the key to this book is the "How."

Jerry Trousdale works for CityTeam International. Throughout the book, Jerry shares the work of CityTeam International, including the use of a Discovery Bible Study and Disciple Making Movements. It seemed that the book dragged a little in these parts. Limited to the work of CityTeam in Africa, each story of transformation came back to these Disciple Making Movements. While obviously effective, it also felt like one long advertisement for this particular organization.

That being said, this is a book I would recommend to anyone interested in what God is doing in the lives of Muslims. Transformation is happening and we should all rejoice at that.

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Carol Ann Weaver said...

I write all the time, and I don't proofread very well. So, I am not trying to knock you, but you might want to edit this to be "when a Muslim "hears" rather than "here's". I do things like this all the time and wish I could hire someone to proofread my stuff.

Thanks for your review. I am going to review it on my blog too.

RDA said...

Thanks for that. I missed that one and appreciate the catch,