A Million Ways To Die

I think it was the image of the toe tag that first grabbed my attention. Then I saw the title, A Million Ways To Die. I had to purchase this book.

When it arrived I dug in, not quite sure what to expect.

What I found was a challenging book that I had to put down repeatedly. Le me explain, What I read drove me into the Word of God and repeatedly throughout the book I would encounter a Biblical truth I wanted to look at more closely in the Word. I would also put it down long enough to make notes on some really exciting point I had just read.

Rick examines death in a "fresh" way. He takes the concept of dying to self and unpacks it. I thought I understood dying to self, then I read Rick's book.

Now, I find myself re-examining what it truly means to die daily.

The nice thing about this book is that even though it talks a lot about death, it is NOT a depressing book. In fact it also talks about passion and love.

Rick places the book in the here and now, referencing recent movies and his own life experience he draws you into a deeper understanding of the one way to truly live.

I want to encourage you to order this book and put it on your must read list.

You won't be dissapointed.

A Million Ways To Die: The Only Way To Live
is published by David C. Cook and available via Amazon or your local Christian Bookstore.

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