Comfort Zones and the Bible!

I was reading the story of Ananias in Acts 9:10-19 and it reminded me of something I really don't see in scripture. Maybe I am wrong, however, I can't find comfort zones in the Bible.

Ananias knew of Saul's reputation. In fact, when the Lord told him to go speak with Saul, Ananias tried to point out to Him that Saul had done a lot of harm to the saints and had power to bind those who called on His name! Talk about stepping OUT of your comfort zone. Go talk to a man about me who can arrest you for talking to him about me!

Needless to say, God called, Ananias went and the Lord moved mightily.

Throughout the Bible, every book I read, God seems to specifically move people OUT of their comfort zones.

Think about Abraham, Peter, all of the prophets, John and of course Jonah. All of them were moved out of their comfort zones. It was there they became most effective.

I think being in our comfort zone dulls our senses. This can apply to our jobs as well. We need challenges. When we aren't challenged we become lax and many great opportunities can slip by!

God doesn't want us "comfortable", He wants us obedient. He might keep us in the same town for our entire life, but this doesn't mean He wants us to stay in our comfort zone. He might want us to talk to people we would never have thought to talk to before. He might want us to start something for Him that we would never have chosen for ourselves!

He could ask us to move (jobs, towns, etc) and really I think that scares people. God might ask us to do something we don't feel comfortable doing. This fear however, shows a complete lack of trust in God. He is not out to "make our lives miserable." He is wanting us to be obedient.

His call can make us uncomfortable, it might involve risks, it may even involve pain...but He has a plan we don't always see.

Remember, His ways are higher than our ways. (Isaiah 55:9)

Is God calling you to do something that makes you uncomfortable?

Would you rather be obedient or comfortable?


Anonymous said...

If not's comfortable to begin with, we can rest assured that in the end, being obedient will result in the best kind of comfort possible – in the arms of Jesus! ~Stan

RDA said...

Amen to that brother!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday's piece in the devotional booklet M & I have been reading in the evenings connects with this, too: http://forwardmovement.org/monday-september-6-labor-day-us-and-canada.html