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Today's guest is Officer Randy Myers
. Officer Myers is the Founder and CEO of C.O.P.S. Ministries which is a ministry that encourages citizens to pray for law enforcement officials across the US. My daughter has been actively participating in this for a year now.

You can read Officer Myers testimony here.

And now without further delay, on to the questions:

Hi Officer Myers,

Question 1: What led you to start C.O.P.S. Ministries?

As a 20 year police veteran, I know all too well the dangers, the stress, and the lack of respect that we as police officers receive on a daily basis from the negative side of society. I know of the stress that jailer and dispatchers go through as well as the probation and parole officers. Many times police officers, jailers, 911 dispatchers, probation and parole officers are overlooked and unappreciated. I also know and understand the power of prayer and how it can save your life! I am alive today because someone was praying for me! I just wanted to be able to show the officers and other personnel that not everyone out here hate us and there are still good people in the world.

Question 2: Can you explain the ministry in a nutshell?

"C.O.P.S. Ministries" or "Citizens Obediently Praying for Safety" is a non-profit organization that is geared toward praying for the safety and well being of all Police Officers, Jailers, 911 Dispatchers, Probation and Parole Officers on a daily basis and to express our appreciation to them by sending them cards, letters or e-mails. Every law enforcement personnel who sign up with our ministry receives a FREE royal blue C.O.P.S. Ministries t-shirt after verification of their employment.

Question 3: Roughly how many officers are being prayed for through C.O.P.S. Ministries?

Currently (January 30, 2010) we are praying for over 500 police officers, jailers, 911 dispatchers, probation and parole officers.

Question 4: Are there any plans to spread beyond the US? How many states are you in right now?

Our desire is to go wherever God will lead us! We currently have families praying for us in British Columbia, CANADA and Dudley, ENGLAND and of course the US. I have been contacted by ministers and officers alike in Liberia, Nigeria and Kenya but nothing in those countries as of yet.

We are currently praying for law enforcement personnel from 35 different states in the United States with appointments to start new C.O.P.S. Ministries Chapters this year (2010) in Alaska, Ohio and Washington State. We will go to any place that God opens the door for us to go as long as HE is leading the way. We will be in the state of Washington, April 9th, 10th and 11th of 2010.

Question 5: What kind of feedback have you been getting from the Officers and participants?

Officers from all over the country have sent us e-mail, cards and letters thanking us for this ministry. Many officers have told us that because they have been prayed for they were able to walk away from close to deadly accidents or other types of calls. Officers have been struck in the head with canes, shot, been in auto accidents that should have killed them and yet are alive today to tell about their experiences. One officer was told he would never work again and yet he was back to work in 8 weeks and is currently back on patrol!

Even families who pray for these officers have contacted us and told us how much they appreciate this ministry because it gives them a chance to minister to officers and makes the families feel like they are doing something worth while. They are able to teach their children about respect for the officers and give their children a chance to communicate with the officer. The families are more better able to understand what the officers are going through as they read officers e-mails and read of their prayer requests.

If there are any churches that would like for us to come and share about what God is doing in this mission field, all they have to do is contact me. We do not charge for the presentation, we only ask that the churches help with the cost of the trip.

If there is ANY ONE who would like to pray for a police officer, jailer, 911 dispatcher, probation or parole officer, please go to our website: www.copsministry.org and click on "Join Us" and fill out the SECOND form on that page.

Thanks you very much Officer Myers.

Thank you so much for this opportunity!!! I truly appreciate you doing this for us!

There you have it. I would encourage you to check out C.O.P.S. Ministries and to sign up to pray for an law enforcement officer today!

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