Relationship vs. Religion

What is this blog about?

I get asked that question from time to time. This blog is about being passionately in love with Jesus Christ. It is about encouraging people to go deeper with God the Father and to embrace His gift of life through His Son's sacrifice on the cross. In a nutshell it's about relationship.

It is NOT about religion. Religion will suck you dry. It will drain you with a set of rules and regulations devoid of life! Jesus came to restore a relationship destroyed by sin. He loved us enough to die (and rise again Hallelujah!) so that we can have a life giving relationship with the Creator of the universe!

One of my colleagues, Pastor Stanley Groothof, has written an excellent piece on being religious over on his blog, 4th Point. You can read the whole piece here.

His piece got me to thinking how much time and energy we waste practicing rules and regulations. Don't get me wrong, we need guidelines and boundaries. However, I believe the stuff God told us not to do was for our own good. I also believe if we focus more on Jesus Christ we will find we commit habitual sins less. I love that verse in Matthew that says Seek first the Kingdom of God! (Matthew 6:33)

Keep your eyes on Jesus Christ! Love, pray and worship Him and as you focus on the King of Kings and Lord of Lords watch your faith grow deeper than it ever has. Enjoy the ride!


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Thanks Rick!

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