Over the holidays my wife, Sarah, bought me a book I had read about on a few blogs. Churched by Matthew Paul Turner is one of the funniest books I have read in a long time. Yet as I read through this book I was struck by something else as well.

This book is eye-opening, it's poignant and it leaves you troubled by the idea that religion can suck the life out of a relationship with God.

Matthew Paul Turner does not pull punches here. He bares his troubled past, or should I say his past troubles with fundamentalism, for all to see. The book ends with a sense of hope...it also leaves you wanting to know more.

If you get the chance, please, PLEASE by this book. Buy it for the humor, stay for the awakening in your heart as you find yourself wanting to know God, the true God of the universe, more!

Churched is published by WaterBrook Press: A Division of Random House


tjw1970 said...

Churched was a good read. I came away with the same impression you had. I'm trying to look at churches differently now, through the eyes of one who doesn't know Christ. That is hard to do, but I do see how we (the church) get caught up in being "church people".

RDA said...

Definitely part of our identity is belonging to such and such church. I want to get away from that kind of identity and embrace my identity in Christ.