Relational Christianity Spotlight

What is relational Christianity - Another way of saying Christians meeting together in community and fellowship. Meeting each others needs spiritually and physically. To share Christ passionately!

If you read this blog then you have likely noticed the numerous posts on the Life that is found in Christ. I have spoken often about the need to get back to community style Christianity. To live Christ daily and to show it not only in word but deed as well.

In an effort to highlight some of the ministries and organizations that are displaying this style of Christianity I will be posting some occasional spotlights.

These links do not count as an endorsement on all that you may find on their websites but the heart of these ministries does reflect Jesus.

Lifestream I have linked to their page where they share their passion which to me is absolutely awesome.

Little Flowers Community
This little community is a YWAM partnership ministry and I know one of the leaders. He has a passion for relational Christianity.

Crossbridge This church in Florida is very intentionally relational. They even meet at a coffee shop....you gotta love that! Another friend is pastor there.

Present Testimony Ministry
Frank Viola's website where you can find a house church in your area: House Church Resource

The Simple Way Their mission: To Love God. To Love People. To Follow Jesus.

The Meeting House A church focused on relationship and not religion!

So there you have it. A very small list of ministries I have come across recently. If you know more please let me know.


Rick said...

Thanks Rick. You are giving practical help and not just "stating the problem"!

RDA said...

Yeah i wanted to give a shout out to those who are setting the examples!

Donna Saffel said...

This is where my heart is right now! I believe this is the center of Christ's ministry here and our example to follow. The more research I do the more I fall in love with the idea of "intentional community". Chris and I went to listen to Shane Claibourne speak here in Abbotsford and it has changed my life! I am currently reading his book Irresistable Revolution and it is fantastic!!A community of believers meeting each others needs and friends with the poor and homeless. Wow. That's where I want to spend ALL my time.
Donna Saffel

Unknown said...

Hi Donna... I am a friend of Rick and I can say that he and his wife live out their christianity... I met them last summer in Smithers when I went up there to help them. Anyway I see you are in Abbotford, please contact my South African friends the Hills. He runs a house church. #778 242 8902.They are the best ...........
anni magrath