Grand Ole Opry Flooded

Okay: confession time! This may lose me some readers, but, I love country music. More to the fact, I love old time country music. So it was of major interest to me that the Grand Ole Opry was deluged during the recent floods in Nashville.

The backstage area, dressing rooms, etc..., were soaked with over 2 feet of water. You can read more in the USA Today story:


Living in TN, I remember we used to have a saying after church. It went something like, "We'll see you next Sunday, Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise." (Creek was pronounced crick) I remember one Sunday the creek actually rose and I was wading to the church to make sure no damage had been done.

This story piqued my interest because numerous music stars mentioned their concern for instruments, costumes, etc... I started thinking about our treasures. I was reminded of Luke 12:34 which says, "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Now don't get me wrong. I am not condemning people who are concerned about their belongings during a flood. I would be somewhat concerned for my things as well.

However, I have experienced the massive loss of belongings more than once. From losing everything piece by piece, to mice and mold destroying them, I know what it is to lose stuff. In the end I also realized...it's JUST stuff. What is important, is my relationship with Jesus Christ.

Jesus, living in me, gives me more of a concern for people rather than possessions. If I lose a couple boxes of childhood mementos, is that more important than the child across the street with an empty belly or the person who is dying from cancer down the road? No. It's just stuff.

What is important is Jesus Christ in our hearts and our living that out into the world around us.

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