20 Questions

My Daughter found this little hand held game this week at the Salvation Army. Called 20 questions the game has built in, adaptive artificial intelligence. The more you play the more the game learns. We've been throwing some tough ones at the game and within 20 questions it is getting 80% of our items right. You let the computer know if you are thinking of an animal, vegetable or mineral and it goes from there.

So this game got me thinking about God....

God doesn't need 20 questions to know what is going on in our life! Luke 16:15 says that God knows what's in our hearts. There are actually numerous Scriptures which talk about how God knows us, knows our hearts, etc.

So why do we try to hide things from Him? I remember a man in Croatia, we had a whole conversation about being honest with God. This man was afraid to admit he felt burned out at times. He never wanted to say he got angry with God. He would try to hide/deny these feelings? Why?

God already knows. We don't have to play games with God. He knows if we are angry, frustrated, happy, etc! Look at the Psalms. At least half the Psalms are laments, telling God how the psalmists felt in a situation, about life, etc. Look at Ecclesiastes, Job, etc.

God knows our hearts...let's be honest with Him, talking to Him about our thoughts, feelings, life, etc. He's listening. Share your heart.


* said...

funny how it got me to thinking about God, too. we gave this game to our youngest last year. the "thing" I would still really love to receive is another child, and wouldn't you know it ... 20Q could guess diamond ring but it didn't guess baby.
I could wax poetic on that for a looong time!

RDA said...


Thank you for your comments.

The fact the 20Q got it wrong is a good reminder that only God knows the desire of our hearts. I'll keep you in prayer.