So I was driving down the road this week and came across this song by the Sidewalk Prophets. I have never heard their music before. This song is from their 2nd Album, Live Like That.  

I found these words challenging

The first verse about brokenness reminds me of when we were preparing to leave Croatia.  Our friend prayed over us as we were going to leave and all I remember her praying was that God would break us.  I thought she was the worst friend in the world.

It took some time but I discovered the benefits of that prayer.  God did take us through a period of surrender and brokenness. Our lives were forever changed.

My prayer is that I live a life like this everyday.

I want Jesus Christ to be my one desire.

What about you?

Are you willing to allow God to break you, empty you out and make you lonely to the point where He is your one desire?

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