I've Got Your Back

I've Got Your Back by James C. Galvin is an interesting book.  It is described as a leadership parable and that premise was intriguing enough for me to give it a try.

I have been in a 2-year management training program through my work with the Salvation Army and have read quite a few leadership books over the past year and a half.  This was definitely one of the better ones I have read. 

I will admit, when I first started reading this parable, I was not impressed.  It took me a chapter or two to get into it.  However once I became comfortable with it's rhythm, I began to get into the story.  At one point I was struggling with where I thought one character was heading in dealing with an abusive pastor but the story did address the issue in a way that I ended up agreeing with.

This book is divided into 2 parts.  You have the leadership parable and in the later part of the book you will find the author outlines the principles contained within the story.  You can read either part and get the same teaching or read them both and have the re-enforcement of the principles contained within. 

I ended up bookmarking quite a few pages and used it with a staff training day.  It also challenged me to learn to follow well. You will need to read the book to understand what I mean by that but don't be hung up on the idea of being a leader.  You don't need to be in a position of leadership to learn from this book.  Order a copy of this book and you won't be sorry.

You can learn more at the book's website: www.tenthpowerpublishing.com/ivegotyourback

This book was provided for review by Handlebar Publishing and Tenth Power Publishing. 

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