I'm So Thankful For...

Last year a friend of mine posted things she was thankful for on her blog and I found it to be intriguing and thought provoking.

I have been chewing on thankfulness this week and realized I don't stop enough to Thank God for not only the blessings, but for my life!

Even the bad days can lead to new opportunities to experience God!

1 Thessalonians says we should give thanks in ALL circumstances. I will be the first to admit, that is VERY HARD to do when the circumstances are bad. My first thought is not to thank God in that circumstance but to ask to get out of them!

I remember when we were on the mission field, sometimes our circumstances were rough. There were times I wanted to quit and I "wrestled" with God quite a bit. I was not thankful in those circumstances, though I am now thankful i went through them.

At the time, I did not see God's hand moving. This is despite the fact that we never went hungry and never went without our needs met. I just didn't see God in it. Looking back, I now see how God was there and I am thankful. My thanks today is because those times caused my faith to grow, mature and become more real.

So today I will say I am thankful for my walk with the Lord, that He gave His Son as a gift so that I could have life!

I am thankful for who HE is!

I am also thankful for my precious wife of 16 years, my 2 wonderful kids and that God is in control!

What are you thankful for?

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