Tell Me About It

I always like to learn new things.

Today I want to learn from you.

Do you have a Christian blog you like to read regularly?

Tell me about it.

Is there a ministry you have been blessed by?

Tell me about it.

Got a CD you can't sop listening too? Is there a book you were blessed by?

Tell me about it.


Unknown said...

I have a ministry and a CD I’d like to share.

The ministry is Andrew Wommack Ministry. I really enjoy his teaching and all the online help available. I have called for prayer a couple of times and gotten great advise all based on the Word, as well as the prayer. I'm not big on calling and getting prayer because I have access to the Lord myself and I believe He hears me. But lately I've been confused about somethings and felt I needed help, so I called. I was not disappointed. I was fed the Word, and not the watered down version and then had the Word spoke over me in prayer. It was a blessing! God is so good and I'm thankful for such a wonderful ministry. Also, he has all of his teaching CD downloads available for free. That is a double blessing in this day and time. A few years ago I listened to his series called "The True Nature of God", it changed my life and how I viewed God because it changed how I thought God viewed me. I'm glad to see men of God teaching on God's grace toward mankind and what Jesus' life and death really did for us all.

My favorite CD that I listen to all the time is by John Waller, The Blessing. It's like the Word is coming alive when I listen to it. What amazing songs, they remind us of who we are in Christ. Another favorite singer of mine is Don Francisco. I love his story telling in his song. I guess I got a little excited and carried away, have a blessed day!

RDA said...

I have not heard the blessing but I love his CD While I'm Waiting!