Lessons From My Son

I remember when our daughter was born, nearly 12 years ago, God used her to teach me more about His character.

It's happening again. He is using my 2 month old son to teach me more about his ways.

Last night is was through his smile.

My son woke up with some tummy troubles last night. He wasn't crying but he wasn't sleeping either. After listening to him repeatedly start to drift off, only to wake up and cry, I took him in my arms and started talking to him.

My wife and I were blessed to watch him as he opened his eyes, looked at me and smiled. For the next 5 minutes, each time I talked to him he would repeat this process. He then drifted off to sleep contentedly.

He knew my voice and was comforted. The same way I am when I hear God's voice.

The Bible says in John that the sheep hear His voice. (John 10:27) It is a comfort to me when I know that God has spoken. A recent example was a service at our Fellowship a few weeks back. I usually give the message but really felt I had nothing, message wise, for the week and really felt my heart stirring towards worship. In fact I had a particular song in my head. I felt I should ask another brother to fill in. He agreed. That Sunday, unbeknown to the two of us...God had spoken the same things into our hearts in different ways. I sang the song I felt the Lord told me to sing and it EXACTLY matched the message my friend was bringing that day. We both got excited because we knew we had heard the Father speak.

And we smiled...Just like my son when he hears my voice.

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Paul Wilkinson said...

I wish blogging was around when my kids were that young. (Or that I had kept a journal.) You don't want to forget a moment like that.