I Met A Real Christian

Last night I met a real Christian. I'm talking about a genuine, walking, talking man of God. I am still amazed.

This man has been through the ringer. He has been at death's door. He took a physical hit that is still affecting him daily.

Yet in all of this, he told me last night he can still say God is good!

God is good. Wow. I would like to think I could and would do the same thing. However I had to stop last night and think....would I? If a life-threatening disease ravaged my body and I was not being healed, would I be able to say God is good? If my loved ones died or my house was destroyed and God did not solve the problem could I still say His ways are higher than mine and that He is good?

We all want God to solve our problems. We all need relief at times. Sometimes God does this in a miraculous way. Sometimes He holds back from moving. Is He unfair? Does He care?

God absolutely cares.

Let me share a story.......I have asthma....there are days when it is hard to breathe. To me that is a scary feeling. Yet once I went 3 years without problems and I know God had set me free. Then I developed bronchitis and asthma has returned. So is God good? Absolutely. Why did this happen though? I don't know. What I do know though is I pray more now than I did when I could breathe. I pray more for others and I talk to God more than I did before.

God is good!

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