Where Is Your Focus? (Just A Thought #26)

Does God still move today? I was asked that question recently at work. A man sat in my office and looked at me with questioning eyes. I told him that Yes, unequivocally, God still moves today. He still speaks to His children.

The sad part is we don't always listen. My heart breaks when I hear of believers who struggle in their faith because God has not blessed them financially or they are struggling physically. Many have said they don't know where they have sinned or why these things happen when they tithe regularly.

I look in the New Testament and can't find one man or woman of faith who did not suffer though. Every believer seems to have struggled with some kind of problem. Yes, many found relief in God. However, even according to church tradition, only one disciple had a peaceful death, and that was John, who spent his later years in prison. Each one suffered for his faith. Even Paul, a man who fulfilled the Lord's commands, suffered. He was shipwrecked, beaten and imprisoned regularly. Did Paul sin as a believer to suffer these things? Did he not tithe enough? He had an affliction God would not remove. What was Paul doing wrong?

Enough! The real news is that our hope is in the future! Look at Hebrews 11. Those men and women suffered! They had hard times. Most did not see the promise in this life. However, each one was healed in eternity. Each one dances today on the streets of gold! I think we need to change our view of blessings. Yes, God heals today! Yes, God blesses some of us financially. However, each day we wake up is a blessing and gift from God. The fact we can walk, talk, read, move, etc. is a gift from God. Are we more focused on Him or what we can get from Him?

If God did not provide one more blessing of finances, or restore one more person's health would he stop being God? Of course not.

What does God want? He wants us. Not prayers of "Oh God give me," or "Bless me," but "Oh God I love you! I want more of you! Not what you can give me, but you!"

These words may seem harsh. I hesitate in writing them. However, it is time for a change. I want more of God. Not more from Him but more of Him! Yes, I've struggled with finances, struggled with health. However we need to let these things draw us nearer to God. If we had all our needs met here what would we need God for? Honestly, most of us, me included, would quickly become distracted by the things of this life. We could say we won't but if we had everything in abundance our minds would drift away from the One who anchors us in every storm.

Do you search more for His hand, or His face? Psalm 105:4 "Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always."

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