Reach Out

This week I have been thinking a lot about evangelism. I realized that I don't do enough in this area. However I also have been thinking about motivation in evangelism as well.

See I used to think I should tell others about God because I have to. Well in some part that is true. Matthew does end with the command to Go into all the world, preaching to all nations! It is a command. However I think we should also look at our motivation. Over the years my motivation has, at times, been because of the "command" aspect. "I'm doing this because the Lord told me to." Is that really a good enough reason?

Think about it. When we were kids and our parents told us to do something what was our reaction. I would obey but sometimes my attitude was more of a "foot dragging, heart not in it" type of obedience! I did it because I knew I should but had no joy in it! Kind of like evangelism!

However there were also times where I really obeyed because I loved my parents and wanted to please them. I also saw their concerns and quickly made them my concern as well. My attitude was different.

I want my evangelism to be the same way. Jesus Christ had a motivation for the lost! He gave His life for us! God had a motivation for the lost! He sent His Son!

I must admit I am not always motivated!

However I want that to change. I want God's heart for the lost! I realized this week that people are dying around me every day and going to Hell! I know a "Secret" that can save their life! It would be a sin not to help them. If I have "oxygen" and refuse to give it to a man who can't breathe I would be guilty of murder! If I saw a building on fire and did not attempt to help rescue those inside when I see someone stuck in the door burning I would be just as guilty! If I know how to swim and see someone drowning and do nothing I would deserve to found guilty by a judge. You get the picture. We who know Jesus Christ have a hope, a freedom, a LIFE more abundant. We have the capacity to have a Peace that passes all understanding even in the midst of trials. We have a way to escape the flames of hell! Yet there are those dying in SIN everyday! I feel responsible, now more than ever, to tell people of the One who can set them free! Who can forgive them! Deliver them!

What about you?

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Anonymous said...

On summer project in San Diego this summer our director said this to motivate us, and maybe it again may motivate us for the wrong reason, but hopefully it directs our love into motivation:

"The good news is so good because the bad news is so bad."