Alpha and Omega (Just A Thought #25)

"In the beginning GOD..."

What a powerful opening statement. I remember years ago reading a Q & A with a popular American Western writer named Louis L'Amour. He said a good book should grab you from the opening line. Well, I believe the Bible is more than good books, more than just great literature; however, as far as opening lines go, that one is fantastic.

"In the beginning GOD...."

This makes me want to find out more about this God. Who is He? How can I know Him? He sounds powerful. He sounds mighty. I read this verse and it makes my knees want to buckle. I want to drop on my face before this God. No melodrama...just fact. God, to me, sounds awesome right from the beginning.

While speaking of beginnings, look at John 1:1 in the New Testament and you see the same phrase referring to Jesus Christ. "In the beginning the Word..." We find out here the Word was Jesus and He was also there at the beginning.

These 2 verses leave me awestruck. Maybe it's just where I am right now in my relationship with the Lord right now. I find myself craving simplicity. I want more of the Lord and less of the "window dressing" that the church today seems to focus on. No tangents...just the Lord Himself. I want more of Him.

I also find myself wanting to focus on the facts. He created the heavens and the earth. He sent His Son to die for us. JESUS CHRIST IS RISEN! He will return one day. As I get older I find myself longing for His return more and more. I keep thinking of the end statement in Revelation. "Come Quickly Lord Jesus!"

In this life I realize that what matters most is my relationship with Him. I want more of Christ and less of me.

Alpha and Omega...the beginning and the end.

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