Raising the Standard

I found myself thinking about the 10 commandments today. Now understand this is not something I think about regularly. I don't have them posted on my screen saver and don't whip them out of my wallet every time I meet someone .

No, it just seems that the world is going down hill fast. Today while sitting in a meeting my mind drifted. Happens sometimes. Today I was thinking about those laws Moses brought down from the mountain top.

God set a standard. Not just with the commandments, but the whole Bible is filled with God's standard for us. Yet today it seems society is trying desperately to lower God's standard. The sad part is the "church" seems to be leading the way!

To many denominations are winking at sins God said were wrong. Things are being ordained from the pulpit that God clearly said were off limits. Why? Why is the "church" compromising?

Instead of lowering God's standards should we not be raising our own? Should we not try to live our lives reflecting God? If God said don't touch why are we out fondling those exact same things? Now is the time to repent! Now is the time to raise up our standards and to turn our lives completely over to the King of Kings.

God's Word is not a book of suggestions. It is filled with standards that if we live by them will produce an abundant and fruitful life.

It's time for the church to hit its knees and repent of the sin of compromise!

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Anonymous said...

Amen - Preach it brother!