Jesus, Bread, and Chocolate


I love the smell of fresh baked bread.  When we livied in Croatia, walking down to the local bakery and smelling all the amazing breads and pastries was awesome and the taste was indescribable!  Now, living in northern British Columbia, I have access to fresh baked breads, organic coffees, and a host of other items at local farmer's markets and boutique coffee shops.

When I came across Jesus, Bread and Chocolate I was immediately intrigued.  The idea of crafting a handmade faith in a mass-market world sounded appealing.  However, author John J. Thompson, seemes to have promised more than he actually delivered.

While the author's passion is evident, the connection between faith and a farmer's market lifestyle seems more forced than a natural flow.

Having said all that, I found the author's story of his journey of faith to be captivating and it his love and passion for God is quite evident.

Though not my cup of tea, this book will appeal to those believers deeply embedded in the farmer's market lifestyle.

Published by Zondervan, you can order this book at your local bookstore. 

BookLook Bloggers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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