Forget Egypt!

I am a bit of a history buff and so I have really been enjoying a book I came across recently called Operation: Mincemeat.

This true story is about how British spies decided to deceive the Germans into believing they would be invading somewhere other than where they actually intended to invade. The ruse involved acquiring a dead body and over a 3+ month period creating a "life story" for this dead man. The spies created an entire fantasy around this body. They gave him a childhood, a fiance, character traits and a social life. All things the individual did not have in real life. The body was that of an individual devoid of family and friends who ultimately took his own life. His fake past was better than his real one.

For whatever reason, this story brought to mind the Israelites flight from Egypt. Specifically the lies they created and believed about their past. After fleeing a life of misery, when things did not happen the way they wanted on the way to the Promised Land, they looked back with longing to a life that did not exist. "Was it really that bad in Egypt?" The land they left sounded better than the future God had planned for them.

Sadly, I know many who say similar things today.

I have heard some Christians say that things were "easier/better" before they became Christians. When rough times hit they convince themselves that their "past" was not so bad after all. Hey I've done it myself.

We forget that we are dead to the past! We are new Creations in Christ Jesus!

Live like it!


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