Lord I Believe, Help My Unbelief! - Just A Thought #39

I believe God still does miracles today. I have seen Him heal the sick instantaneously. I remember well when God INSTANTLY healed my Mom of multiple sclerosis.

I have also seen God meet financial needs, miraculously provide food, etc.

What happens to our faith though when God stays His hand? I have been battling and slowly recovering from a nasty chest cold for about a month. I have prayed for God to relieve my pain and sickness for weeks. I have had others praying for me. Yet in all of this the Lord did not heal me. I have been on steroids, antibiotics and more cough syrup than I care to remember. At one point the pain was so bad I literally was asking God to heal me or take me home!

In all of this I can say God is good! For whatever reason the Lord did not heal me instantly. He obviously had other plans. He also, and my wife appreciates this with a baby on the way, did not take me home at my worst point!

All of this has caused me to pray harder, dig into the Word and to seek Him with my whole heart. I find myself praying for others, seeking His will and sharing Him more!

So maybe God did heal me after all.....maybe He healed my faith which was not as strong as it could have been! I remember clearly praying Mark 9:24. My belief has been helped, strengthened and stretched.

Thank You Lord for answering prayer!

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