Military BibleStick Outreach

This week I received a review copy of the Military BibleStick. This Bible Stick is about the size of a pack of chewing gum. It comes pre-loaded with the ENTIRE New Testament. To top it off the New Testament is dramatized with sound effects, music and multiple character voices.

It's very rugged and can be used in low-light situations. The sound is amazing.

15,000 of these have already been distributed to troops in Iraq, Kuwait, Kosovo and Afghanistan.

I do wish there was a clip you can use to attach it to your side or clothing but it does fit into a vest pocket very easily. The soldiers who have received them are very happy with them as well. You can read their BibleStick testimonies here.

You can contribute to this worthy cause and with each stick you purchase for a soldier their spouse will receive a free mp3 audio dramatized Bible. In addition their kids can receive a special Kidz version.

This is something I hope you will all check out.

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